Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Paper

For my final paper, I wanted to explore the tensions between the idea of an aesthetic (politics?) of cognitive mapping proposed by Jameson, and ideas of networks/masses/multitudes discussed by Terranova. If, as discussed by Terranova, masses are "the place of... dismediation," could any idea of "cognitive mapping" be possible? Could Jameson's concepts be reconciled with Terranova's conceptualizations, or possibly be adapted to them? And then, what's at stake (politically) in a discussion of Jameson and (versus?) Terranova?
Obviously I would plan on engaging Jameson's article and Terranova's text, possibly (depending on how things develop) Tsing and/or Appadurai (my ideas about my topic/paper are not fully formed yet, so there's still room for changes/developments.) Hopefully I'll have more fleshed-out thoughts to discuss tomorrow.

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