Monday, December 3, 2007

Final Paper Proposal

I want to explore the glocal and the imagined network through the example of 9/11 media coverage. This highly localized attack had serious global implications and therefore encompasses the meaning of glocal in a most poetic manner. I think the key link between the global and the local are the scapes and flows we have discussed in this course and in the case of 9/11, this could not be truer.
In order to narrow down my argument, I plan to uncover the imagined and real links between the global and local networks created, perpetuated, and complicated by the mediascape and information flows during and after 9/11. I plan to look at this tragedy as a media event and demonstrate its effects as such by theorizing the actors, producers and consumers involved according to the theories of Keenan and Baudry.
The specific question I hope to ask and answer in my final paper is how the mediascape and information flows link sometimes antithetical localities in a glocal network, what are the consequences of this linkage, and, finally, how can it be evaded?

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