Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stop Asking Questions

Accept the facade seems to be the most popular approach to societal problems. After reading fellow classmates' blogs, I recognized a common term: naturalization. Race most definitely is what I would consider a naturalized issue. After so many years of hearing this concept as an accepted way of thinking, it has become everyone's way of thinking without being questioned. Over time people stopped wondering about the origin of the word and concept of race. It is, indeed, so integrated into society.

Naturalization, in the long run, can become very detrimental to society. Once such issues become so integrated into our society and have such a great affect on decisions and our future, we should be questioning it, thinking on it and challenging it. Once an issue is naturalized however, there are no more questions. Acceptance is the only thing left to do, and it is what society does.

We stop asking questions, we stop challenging and, eventually, stop thinking. A society that doesn't think, becomes a society that is easily controlled. Society will simply become the blind, leading the blind.

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