Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Information and Capital

The parallels between the logic of information flow and the logic of capital seem to indicate a relationship, and I wonder if it is a causal one. It is difficult to theorize how information-technology as it now exists would have formed in the absence of our existing economic conventions. The logics of exchange, of "free trade" as a mutual goal, of the 1:1 binary all are present in both infotech and the economy it is situated in-- perhaps the former is a natural product of the assumptions and values upon which the latter is based? Furthermore, infotech operates in incredibly auspicious ways with respect to the goals and processes of the market, allowing for an instantaneity, joining of trade circles, and exchange speed which are ideals within our economic operations. So, too, do the entropic, mutating, winding tendencies of information (replication) act as echoes of capitalism, which in its current (late) manifestation similarly proliferates in marred, misread, sometimes awkward, sometimes vulnerable ways.

In the absence of a neoliberal capitalist ethos, would infotech have developed? It seems unlikely to me, as infotech both operates according to the logic of late capitalism and its existence furthers this market system.

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