Monday, September 28, 2009

Oldboy Assimilates

Oldboy, for me, became an instant favorite. Of course I definitely loved the action scenes and plot twists. But to put it into the context of MCM, I definitely saw some connections.

I found it very interesting that throughout the film, Dae-Su was forced to use such tools as the internet, or cellphones in order to re-associate himself with the real world. As if these technologies and tools were creating his community. As if Dae-Su is involved with cultures of circulation, as tools such as the chat-rooms, or blogs are the cultural forms that bring the cultures to life. I feel like Oldboy simply reinforced the statements in the article, "Cultures of Circulation", if you imagine the internet community as a interpretive community, in the way that it has its limitations (i.e., anonymity), because of its own internal dynamics.

The community that Oldboy, slowly started becoming apart of again, was simply imagined through the modern tools of the internet, cellphones and television. It is really interesting how the television became his only connection to the world, his only community... For the main character, Dae-Su, he almost, quite literally at times, imagined the community he is beginning to participate in.

Mainly I would like to further discuss the circulation of information, which lead to the development of his own community...

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