Monday, September 28, 2009

there is no outside the blog

I was interested in how Oldboy seemed to illustrate what Appadurai was saying of of unifying network(ing) processes. In the article, he speaks of the internet, as an attempt to form the global-local sphere of interaction, or in his terms a "global village." The internet, despite its potential for linking people around the globe, creates a decentered village not tied to any space or borders, which begins to negate the village-ness of this network. Much how the networking process of the internet actually calls "for theories of rootlessnes, alienation, and psychological distance between individuals and groups," the similar process of Oh Dae-Su's imprisonment (similar in that it effectively shrinks his world into a decentered space in which the travel of information and commodities (fried dumplings) is completely restructured compared to previous experiance) brings in the need for extreme modes of thinking (his book of sins) and 'perverse' rationalities?

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