Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I was interested in how Jameson's cognitive mapping : “that mental map of the social and global totality we all carry around in our heads in variously garbled forms” can be used to interpret 'The Matrix.' According to Jameson, if we can't find, or locate ourselves, be it in an urban or a political experience, we have no hope of changing anything. I thought the The Matrix seemed to really hit on this idea of location in physical and metaphysical space with its rampant locative technology, such as cellphones, blueprints, directions given over the phone, etc. The humans stuck in the biopower supplying grid of the matrix are oblivious to the computer program which controls their world and as a result cannot shape it to their whim the way Neo, Morpheous, and Trinity can. These human batteries fully imagine themselves within their worldly totality of life, but in physical reality, they exist in bathtubs of goo.

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