Monday, October 8, 2007

imagined communities and art

I want to discuss how media fandom and "free labor" in the the digital economy has allowed for new art forms to appear across the internet. I was particularly interested in this topic after watching the imeem links on the lab notes that were sent to us through email. Watching "Us" by lim and "walking on the ground" impressed me with the artistic capabilities of the creators but it was also intriguing that they were both videos that were somewhat related to the history and future of "vidding." These were art forms that were created as a result of neighboring fandoms such as television, movie, internet fandoms; the creators are able to write and display their history and even predict media future in an advanced form of editing that offers endless possibilities of artistic expression. These videos were amazing and they were also examples of terrnaova's "free labor" which brings up another topic--what is the relationship between fandom art and the late capitalist cultural ecnomy today?

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