Monday, September 24, 2012

first scathing then less so

was it worth it?
worth it all?
to navigate the over-abundance of
extraneous commatheticals
of Thrift's bloated article

"It is also important to be able to understand the way in which an idea is framed because that framing has consequences."

(the framing of an idea has consequences.) and examples abound.

but to be intrigued!
"Ethnomathematics argues that 'there is no singles universal path that mathematical ideas follow'"
and continually disappointed
"Ethnomathematics is therefore concerned to value systems...which do not conform to the base ten numeration system"

A potentially incredibly interesting field is reduced to an inconsequential and elementary observation over the space of a sentence.

There is fascinating scholarship around calculative thought, all of which is ignored, in favor of relatively minor and implausible arguments.  It is not an extension of the logic of exchange, whose rationalization has been gaining momentum, edging towards complete fetishization over the past 500some years ((
“If God show you a way in which you may lawfully get more than in another way,…, if you refuse this, and choose the less gainful way you cross one of the ends of your calling, and you refuse to be God’s steward…" this is quoted by Weber's protestant&tc)), it is not an affectation of positivism as the credibility of qualitative thought is increasingly eroded under the conditions of high-tech capitalism.  NO!
the omniscience of calculation in the everyman's thought is borne of the HIGHLY OBSCURED RECURSIVE STRUCTURES OF CERTAIN SOFTWARE!! (and their accompanying hum) 

Also an observation about the movie.  Strangely optimistic for its dystopian vision:

In a grapes of wrath-esque analog, Memo manages to romanticize a clearly undesirable future-- "it's like a burning nail in your arm!!" -- just as the Joads manage to romanticize California, despite the countless warning of fellow migrants, because they both need the alternative (Memo doesn't really-- the dystopia's not so bad as the depression, apparently) but where in grapes of wrath, the Joads meet more poverty, abuse, exploitation (tempered by community etc, what a wonderful read!), Memo meets a beautiful girl, his op goes relatively smoothly, and within a day or two he's sending fat wads of cash to his newly glowing family.
And at the end, Ramirez dents the dam, and celebration!  "I don't know if they'll rebuild it or not!!" Of course they will.  They have enough money to have droids patrolling it 24/7, they can put in another splash of concrete or two.  The movie's dystopia says, "what hopelessness when such economic inequality is paired with technology both horrific and familiar!" but the movie itself says, "mariachi! hot ladies!  Over-exploited and out-dated? no problem! come get yr wonders!"

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