Monday, October 1, 2012

Why I need your help

After this evening's lab I was left reeling by a strange mix of scales.  I started looking at the machines in the room a lot differently.  I decided to approach the computers step by step, you know, not too fast and not too slow.  Even though I didn't understand much of the number stuff I did understand that it involved compartmentalizing things logically. I like logic. I do know how to use computers to talk to friends on the web, and look at pictures, so I went from there.

Every night at 8 o' clock I go onto and type in each individual letter of the alphabet one at a time into the search bar. A number of options drop down and I pick the first one from the list. A for Apple, B for Baby, C for Cats, D for Dogs (I'm a dog person) etc.  Normally I just do this exercise because it is fun and because it helps with my typing and my memory, but tonight I realized something different.  Tonight I realized that this simple exercise helps me to find out where I am. Because every week the choices change, and otherwise I might have trouble keeping track of the time.  It makes sense, you know, because otherwise the computers wouldn't be sure what they were doing all the time if people like me didn't type in things for them to look up and check out.  How would they know that I liked cats more than dogs If I didn't tell them every week on my blog;) Hope you're paying attention......I love dogs not cats, remember. Woof! You see, I have to keep doing this every day of every week or the computer won't be able to tell the difference anymore or the weather might change to be something unfavorable.  It hasn't rained in a week, but it will soon.

My friends all play the same game that I do from their houses. You see we alternate every other day from clicking on the first word that pops up to typing our own word that doesn't appear in the list.  So instead of apple, yesterday, we all typed in orange for a.  That way the computer will change the list so when we type in a something else will come up like aleatory or ablutions or awl.  For example we typed in awl for o because it sounds like the word owl and we already had an o word for a.  But we always start from the beginning of the alphabet and go down to z so as not to lose track.  Z is hard so we normally don't pick our own words for it but let the computer decide.

Another fun game is going with the first letter of the alphabet and then following it with all the subsequent letters one at a time.  Confusing? Here let me show you.

aardvark,abstract,actress,advertisement, etc.

These words are more tough, so we let the computer decide.  It's hard to keep track of all the changes that occur from day to day and it seems like it's getting harder.  I have a bunch of word documents for the past couple of years and my friends have the same at their houses. But what's weird is that even for the same date and time, some of the information is different which really irks me but that's OK.   What we've noticed is that there is an increasing tendency for people to write about the apocalypse, which would probably suggest that it is coming sooner rather than later.  But if we keep typing as fast as we can every hour of every day I think we can make a difference. This is why I need your help. Because the more people who are working on this research project the more people that can confuse the computers.  So please, join my blog and invite all of your friends so you can get our organizational updates that let you know which days are which. It's not a big time commitment and the days are easy to remember.  Monday is always apple, baby, cats, dogs and it goes from there. Then T, R, S is when we put in our own words, so you have to check our page on the blog.

Also the military monitors our site so we always enter this before each session. It is an alphanumeric code that disrupts their surveillance equipment.,r:29,s:362,i:385


My name is Robert Merritt and I need your help.

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