Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Terranova opened up too many new lands for me so I’ll keep to the fringe. Her introduction of duration as the fundamental value/force/condition left out of information theory that encapsulates the capacity for constitution change was an important hinge for me. She takes from Bergson that, “we can therefore say that movement relates the objects of a closed system to open duration, and duration to the object of the system, which it forces to open up” (52). I gather that objects of a closed system are closed off by their physical mooring and are therefore constitutionally stagnant until opened up to gesture. This formulation is also applicable to the active processes involved in a subject’s perception and observation of object– which does refer back to the basis of communication, mere contact. I’m reminded of a quote I put on my (almost defunct) photo blog --  “We have to remember that what we observe is not nature herself, but nature exposed to our methods of questioning” Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy, 1958. It similarly expresses this slippage of construction referring not to representation/reproduction but production (though relevant to the medium photography in terms of framing, re-contextualization, etc). Therefore there is this latent capacity for (productive) far-reaching change (in terms of distance and ideological facets) enabled through every reproducible relay or analysis. Right? What am I changing by publishing this post? Probably just the available nodes.

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