Wednesday, November 14, 2012


There seems to be this misconception that anonymity is liberating in that it renders everyone as equal, masking over differences in class, race, gender, nationality and etc. However, the masking of individuality is literally that, anonymity is just a euphemism for the demolition of the ego. The work that anonymity does is akin to that of ideology, it subsumes those who have accepted the mask under a false notion of equality, fraternity, liberty, camaraderie, and community in the same way nationalist rhetoric deploys its citizens to do its imperialist, colonialist, or any other "ist" dirty, or the same way religious farfalle lures its followers, the "chosen ones", the "ones on the right path", to reject any notions of compassion and humanity for crusades and terrorist attacks in the name of  righteousness.

Anonymity does not  confront the ego in a way that results in compassion, it is not a death of the egocentric self and therefore the other, it does not restore a sense of humanity to the alienated man. Anonymity just robotizes man and sucks from him the work it wants just under a different apparatus than capitalism. Sleep dealers and V's masked pawns are all alike, constantly throwing away their subjectivity to organize themselves under a different principle. The only way Memo restores his humanity is by leaving the system altogether and defining an alternate state of existence, V or Eve in V for Vendetta and Anonymous do not do this, they are reactionary and their existence and voices are entirely dependent on the existence of the regime of framework they are trying to deconstruct, Anonymous as a concept couldn't exist without the systems to intervene in. 

The "spacelesness" of Anonymous and "hacktivism" at first seems productive, the internet's ephemerality enables a spontaneous method of organization that cannot be physically intercepted. However, not having a space also means that such initiatives are entirely dependent on a physical space to intervene in and thus have cosigned their own death sentence on the dotted line of a reactionary marriage that binds them to the status quo. 

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