Wednesday, November 28, 2012

so ai decided to take action #my2k

the rosey/annie/(+) dialogue, to develop over the course of the evening **@#stay tuned


Tweets I couldn't find screenshots for/featured in Never Sorry documentary:
  -There is no outdoor sports as graceful as throwing stones at a dictatorship
  -What can they do to me? None other than deportation, kidnapping and imprisonment or make me completely vanish


Rosey Selig-Addiss said...

okay: plot.
reading between the lines, i feel a suggestion that maybe there is a connection between obama (barack)and wei wei (ai).

moreover; ai'd rather.

Annie said...

"In Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, Ai Weiwei (@aiww) uses Twitter to report on social injustices and inequalities. Due to restrictive bail conditions, Weiwei's ability to freely express himself online is now fragile and never guaranteed. We invite you to keep his voice a loud part of the digital conversation and empower one another to engage, create, and localize Weiwei's global cause.

Retweet Weiwei's quotes using hashtag #NeverSorry and let us continue his example!"

... trending ... as branding?
hashtags as 'action' keeps the the dialogue going instead of supplying one source of information (mailing) but contained in strict linguistic framework

as production of government, equalizing or manipulative (feigning equal playing ground)..

Annie said...

in the vein of opening source material...


-Why crackdown (on anti-government activism now)?
Klayman suggests arab spring, now more potential own revolution, insurgency because of immediate precedent -- + klayman later inscribes ai weiwei's role as not that 'that radical, not calling for overthrow of gov - just wants transparency'

-What can americans do to protest this that does not involve angering china or reminding them that we owe them a lot of money?
Klayman "Its in china's interest to not be doing this - not just that it doesn't look good - but its not good for chinese society"

People refer to Ai Weiwei as Ai-Shén(God), another popular hashtag:: claiming transparency seems to be a loose-loose, not really but in so far as others attach, want, desire what you're promising --> more power --> ????

Rosey Selig-Addiss said...

trending <<<<>>>> branding.
think; "that's hot"; something like, the beginning of the incorporation, legally speaking, of the tweeted word(s). for example: i want to buy the sponsorship of every tweet ai weiwei tweets until they become my own. until i force myself into association with him. it worked for the heritage foundation, don't all we tweeters know.
lets say, ai hijacked.
only this time, passive.

Rosey Selig-Addiss said...

(i hijacked)

Annie said...

our actions:

Rosey Selig-Addiss said...

obama: "hashtag"
twitter repeat obama: "hashtag #"
where does hashtag fit into our physical space? the repetition identifies a discontinuity, a lack, maybe even ... desire... where the digitial doesn't fit into the structure of contemporary language

Annie said...

@BarackObama live tweeting remarks being made right now in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

"I'm going to be asking all of you to make your voices heard." —President Obama 8 min ago

Obama: “Make your voices heard over the next few days. Remind members of Congress to not get bogged down in a bunch of partisan bickering.” 7 min ago

re: class discussion on presupposing we are not already being heard, gov as allowing for our agency

'remind them'