Monday, November 26, 2012

STAR WARS People and how to tell the difference

So I watched the KONY 2012 Video for the first time and I was struck by a few things. I was struck in the face/.  What surprised me the most about this video was this overcoding  of awareness itself without really delving beneath the surface.  The idea of showing everyone we know a picture of Joseph Kony or that 30 minute video which explains everything left me with a few questions. What happens when Kony is captured or killed? What happens to these young children who are returning home etc. Will counseling services be provided to the thousands of child soldiers and young prostitute slaves? yes in part 2.

But seriously the manipulation of the photographs in the video is crazy. The imaginary camera creates and explores a false sense of depth in the photographs we see, reanimating a flat image and making it exciting!  If Cousteau had never gone under. The image is stretched without us seeing the marks.  You don't get to choose where you are born and it still moves.  This is the orbit suspended, Gavin. The hawk telescope eyes.   If you forget to look where you are look again  and memory is a deepdive, the big star zoom and freeze.  This is the impossible you, the imbrication of choose the voter you must buy in and get a wrist band and do the peace sine wave when you fire the rocket dead center. I think we got the video. he was born blowing up the backyard. blonde christian pop punk pop metal dream boat soldier.
out  the screen waves
it waves
after affects

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