Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Paper Proposal

Over the past decade photography has shifted almost entirely from an analog to digital medium.  By getting rid of film and making the image available (and viewable) almost instantaneously made the process of photography both accessible and affordable.
The size of the digital chips that hold image data are small enough that few portable devices that don’t have a camera built in.

When photography was analog, images were printed and placed in an album or a picture frame for display. Digital images usually end up on the Internet, usually as fodder for comments on social networking sites or as public and private albums on  an image hosting sites.  The majority of digital images never get printed or even contemplated after they get posted online.  Most people assume they will be always be accessible and editable, if a person decides to delete an image entirely.

Now that Internet users are creating the majority of images, how does this change the way people consume, create and disburse images?

My final paper will tie in with projects I am researching and working on for my thesis.
In my paper I want to explore several themes that we have covered over the semester and try to connect them with what I’ve found while browsing the public RSS feeds of image hosting sites.

  • The public/private & annonymity  ----   Anderson.   
  • Friction  --  the Internet as a frontier
  • Free labor (terms of service for image hosting sites.)…. Terranova
  • Affect  --   Berlant and Ahmed

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