Sunday, December 16, 2012


Act of Slacktivism:  I watched Kony Pt. II

   Because I was studying abroad when Kony hit it big, I did not watch the first Kony video that went viral in real time, and only heard bits and pieces of the viral response and ultimate self-destruction of the founder. However, the video is called Kony 2012, and threatens to expire at the end of this year, so revisiting it and the the follow-up, with tactical planning for the rest of the calendar year, seemed timely.
 The Kony campaign has made a resurgence in the news, but it is for the amount of views generated, not the impact of the effort. In the Google Zeitgeist results, it is a top viewed documentary, but its exceptional-ness is currently outshined by the similarly inexplicable rise of Gangnam Style. How can the disconnect between awareness and action be further proved than this?

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