Monday, December 3, 2012

The Running Edge

When I was reading Friction, I was probably thinking about potential.  How do farmers and villagers decide to burn down their crops, forests and communities? Probably by following the enjambed logic of a game like Temple Run.  How can  Accumulation be anesthetic? 

A breakdown game in
III Parts:

On saturday I went to the mid year graduation, a graduation ceremony for .5ers, a contingency of Brown University students who are graduating in the middle of the year instead of in June. This is for many reasons I am sure.  Anyways, at the event, my cool roommate and I watched a simulcast of the event underneath the floor of the real ceremony.  This was confusing for many reasons I am sure, especially hearing the national anthem.  Anyways, this woman, Dean Bergeron kept saying things about a radical middle ground, or the in betweenness of things and people. OK.  She seemed to find this statement contentious and proceeded to perform a defensive relay of anecdotes and salutations.  It was really great when she beat boxed/

The reason I am saying all of this is because in front of me, there was a line of my peers all playing a game on their iPhones.  The game is called Temple Run.  It involves the tilting of a gyroscope embedded within the device that signals intended changes in direction as well as a variety of thumb drags and pop shuvits that correspond to other things if you can imagine a miniature skateboard.  The game requires an array of jolting hypnagogic movements that are both surprising and streamlined.  The game parodies an impasse.  We see a third person moving and the user pours through a trench as he is chased by wild apes!
This game idea is not new, it is basically an omni directional Pit Fall or Super Mario; its objective no different from the deconstructive logic of TETRIS. No, the scale of the game and the degree of required  foresight is different from TETRIS: TETRIS is an amazing game. All of these games are about duration and amnesia. The ends justify the means, and the means are forgotten by an accumulated high score.  Just like Google Earth, the interface certainly has a spatial logic of arranging, (not arrangement because it is continuos).   Therefore, the game seems to be atemporal, or if not atemporal, amnesiac or anesthetic in a sense.  The game is about controlling flow, it is about spatial ordering in a spiral; the plane most out of control. As you may know, the spiral is always gesturing for the completion/contingency of the circle, but unlike the inscribed nature of the circle, the spiral has an indexical directionality.  (Point and Line to Plane)

 The game is reflexive and reactionary.  The interface allows for amazing accumulations and extrapolations of wealth to the tune of split second decision making. Temple Run is tunnel vision underground. According to my cool parents, In the FACE is short for Interface. There is also a videogame company called UBISOFT which is a vanity plate for soft control maybe, as we are allowed any number of voting booths to toggle and finger.

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